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Reporter's email:
Number: 8648
Category: mzscheme
Synopsis: Seg fault when starting swapping
Class: support
Responsible: mflatt
Severity: non-critical
Priority: medium
State: closed
Confidential: no
Arrival-Date: Mon May 07 07:20:01 -0400 2007
Closed-Date: Mon Jan 17 19:42:46 -0500 2011
Last-Modified: Mon Jan 17 19:42:46 -0500 2011
Originator: Jos Koot
Organization: plt
Submitter-Id: unknown
Release: 369.100-svn5may2007
Environment: windows "Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2" (win32\i386\3m) (get-display-depth) = 32
Docs Installed:
(("C:\\Program Files\\PLT-FULL\\doc" "r5rs" "mzscheme" "mred" "help" "tour" "drscheme" "srfi" "mzlib" "misclib" "mrlib" "framework" "foreign" "mzc" "tools" "insidemz" "web-server" "swindle" "plot" "release-notes" "t-y-scheme" "tex2page" "beginning" "beginning-abbr" "intermediate" "intermediate-lambda" "advanced" "teachpack" "teachpack-htdc" "profj-beginner" "profj-intermediate" "profj-advanced"))
Human Language: english
(current-memory-use) 59790136

(("C:\\Documents and Settings\\HP_Eigenaar\\Application Data\\PLT Scheme\\369.100\\collects" non-existent-path) ("C:\\Program Files\\PLT-FULL\\collects" "afm" "algol60" "browser" "combinator-parser" "compiler" "config" "defaults" "drscheme" "dynext" "embedded-gui" "eopl" "errortrace" "ffi" "framework" "frtime" "games" "graphics" "guibuilder" "handin-client" "handin-server" "help" "hierlist" "honu-module" "htdch" "htdp" "html" "icons" "info-domain" "lang" "launcher" "lazy" "macro-debugger" "make" "mred" "mrflow" "mrlib" "mysterx" "mzcom" "mzlib" "mzscheme" "mztake" "net" "openssl" "parser-tools" "planet" "plot" "preprocessor" "profj" "profjWizard" "r5rs" "r6rs" "readline" "repos-time-stamp" "scribble" "setup" "sgl" "sirmail" "skipper" "slatex" "slideshow" "srfi" "srpersist" "stepper" "string-constants" "swindle" "syntax" "syntax-color" "teachpack" "tests" "tex2page" "texpict" "trace" "version" "waterworld" "web-server" "wxme" "xelda" "xml"))
Computer Language: (("Professional Languages" "PLT" "Textual (MzScheme, includes R5RS)") #6(#f write mixed-fraction-e #f #t none))
Description: Hi,
When approaching the limit of RAM and pages must be swapped between RAM and the pagefile, the following happens even before thrashing really gets going on. This may very well be a Windows problem, or may be I did not configure my system right. Any advise would be very welvome. Thanks, Jos Koot.

Black window:
Seg fault <internal error> at 0

Windows window: (translated from Dutch)
CiceroUIWndFrame: DrScheme.exe - Application error
The instruction at 0x1000257 points to memory at 0x00000000. The read or write instruction ("written") in memory has failed.
Click Ok to terminate the program.
Click Cancel to find errors in the program.
File Attachments:
How-To-Repeat: Welcome to DrScheme, version 369.100-svn5may2007 [3m].
Language: Textual (MzScheme, includes R5RS) custom.

; let's see what happens when running out of memory

(let loop ((i 0) (r ())) (loop (add1 i) (cons i r)))

Naam van besturingssysteem      Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Versie  5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
Fabrikant       Microsoft Corporation
Systeemnaam     JOSKOOT
Systeemfabrikant        HP Pavilion 061
Systeemmodel    PS296AA-ABH
Systeemtype     X86-based PC
Processor       x86 Family 15 Model 12 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1808 Mhz
BIOS-versie/datum       Phoenix Technologies, LTD  3.04, 29/10/2004
SMBIOS-versie   2.3
Map van Windows C:\WINDOWS
Systeemmap      C:\WINDOWS\system32
Opstartapparaat \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Landinstelling  Verenigd Koninkrijk
Hardware Abstraction Layer      Versie = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"
Gebruikersnaam  JOSKOOT\HP_Eigenaar
Tijdzone        West-Europa (standaardtijd)
Totaal fysiek geheugen  1,024.00 MB
Beschikbaar fysiek geheugen     401.65 MB
Totaal virtueel geheugen        2.00 GB
Beschikbaar virtueel geheugen   1.96 GB
Ruimte voor wisselbestand       2.40 GB
Wisselbestand   C:\pagefile.sys 1.5 GB

or send email to interested parties or send email followup to audit-trail

Audit Trail:

Responsible changed from "nobody" to "mflatt" by eli at Thu, 10 May 2007 11:23:30 -0400
Reason>>> Either a mzscheme problem, or drscheme memory limits
(CCing Robby)

State changed from "open" to "closed" by eli at Mon, 17 Jan 2011 19:42:46 -0500
Reason>>> closed as "obsolete" with respect to v5.0.99.6 and later;
either the bug is long-since fixed, the relevant code
doesn't exist anymore, the relevant platform hasn't been
supported recently, or a new bug report is needed if the
problem really isn't fixed and someone actually cares